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June 5, 2006
Lentos Museum of Modern Art Linz
March 10 - June 5 2006
Stella Rollig
FACE IT - Gottfried Helnwein - One man show
Museale Werkschau des österreichischen Künstlers.
The Lentos Museum of Modern Art in Linz organizes the first museum show of Gottfried Helnwein in Austria since he left the land of his birth in the mid-1980s. Helnwein was born in Vienna in 1948. After spending years in Germany, Helnwein now lives in Los Angeles and Ireland. An extensive body of work is presented in the large exhibition hall of the museum. In Austria Helnwein is still remembered as a "provocateur" and "shock artist", as which he established himself a quarter of a century ago. In light of the substantial further development of his work in conjunction with new image treatments and the use of new media (digital photography, video), it is time for a comprehensive view of this oeuvre today. This is interesting, not least of all, in the context of a boom in new figurative painting and in light of the largely predominant references to media images and popular culture in more recent painting. An updated view of Helnwein's subject matter and his mode of production reveals an artist devoted primarily to moral, emancipatory motifs, whose place within so-called "political" art is only now recognizable to its full extent.
Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz
Face it
Early Works 1970-1985: Photography and Actions/Performances, Works on Paper
Photography: Der Untermensch, Modern Sleep, Angels Sleeping
Installations: Neunter November Nacht, Modern Sleep, Apokalypse
Works on Canvas
Theatre, Stage. Video
Early Works 1970-1985
Der Untermensch
The Golden Age/Manson
Summary of reviews and texts
I Walk Alone
mixed media (oil and acrylic on canvas), 2003
Face it, Gottfried Helnwein solo show, Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz
2006, Gottfried Helnwein, solo show, Lentos Art Museum, Linz
As successor institution to the New Gallery of the City of Linz, the Lentos Art Museum, which opened in May 2003, is among the most important museums of modern art in Austria.
120 important art works from the collection of the Berlin art dealer Wolfgang Gurlitt (1888 - 1965), including paintings and graphic works by Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, Nolde, Corinth and Pechstein, formed the foundation for the collection of the New Gallery of the City of Linz after World War II. Building on these holdings, the city of Linz decided in 1953 to continue the New Gallery as a city museum with an active exhibition program and acquisition policies.
As a museum today, Lentos presents and communicates significant themes and positions of contemporary art production in relation to 20th century art history.
This is exemplified by displaying works and schools of modern art and their consequences, whereby the Lentos collection is highlighted in specific selections according to alternating focal points. Exhibitions with loaned works of 20th century museum art regularly augment the program and communicate a genealogy of the art of today.
Ongoing exhibitions are enhanced by a lively program of events, tours, workshops for children and much more.
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Kunstmuseum Linz
Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1
4020 Linz
The art museum collection comprises around 1500 works from the areas of painting, sculpture and object art, over 10,000 works on paper, and about 850 photographs, including significant contributions to the development of artistic photography (A. Rodtschenko, Man Ray, H. Bayer).
The earliest works among the museum's holdings are from the first half of the 19th century (C. D. Friedrich, J. B. Reiter). From the area of classical modernism the Lentos collection includes important paintings by Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, Corinth and Pechstein. The collection also covers the inter-war period with works from German and Austrian Expressionism and Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). The period after 1945 is exemplified with outstanding works and ensembles of international art, including paintings, sculptures and graphic works by Appel, Bayer, Nay, Warhol, Haring, Staudacher, Lassnig, Lüpertz, Rainer, Chillida, Cragg, Scheibl, Scully, Balkenhol, Caro, Goeschl, Export, Krystufek and many others.
The holdings are continuously expanded through active acquisition policies.
The Lentos Architecture

The Lentos Architecture
With a clear, logical building of the first quality, created by the Zurich architects Weber & Hofer, Linz gained a new art museum of international rank in 2003, which is excellently positioned in the urban environment.
The appearance of the building featuring glass and fair-faced concrete is oriented to the best possible presentation of art.
The upper floor with its strong daylight orientation houses eleven rooms covering 1600 m² for the permanent collection and a large special exhibition room of roughly 800 m², along with an art cabinet and a reading room.
Through the 60 m long, open air vestibule that appears cut out of the building, visitors enter on the ground floor to reach the foyer, cash desk and shop area, the auditorium that seats 250, and the hall for museum education. On the west side of the ground floor there is a cafe-restaurant with an attractive panorama terrace. The expansive basement houses two more exhibition rooms, the library, the depots, workshops, storage rooms and a study hall for graphic arts.
Stella Rollig
Opening Hours
The Lentos Art Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The museum is closed on Tuesdays and on January 1st and December 24th and 25th. On December 31st the museum is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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