January 1, 2003
LCC, Georgia Tech, Ivan Allen College
Video production and Visual Culture, Bodies/Aesthetics/Technology
Instructors: Dr. Ellen Strain & Dr. Joey Bargsten
Discussion: Bodily Distortions in 2D Art:
WEEK FOUR April 20. Discussion: Bodily Distortions in 2D Art (JB) Readings due: • Hal Foster, "Exquisite Corpses," Visualizing Theory: Selected Essays from VAR 1990-1994 (ed. Lucien Taylor). NY: Routledge, 1994. • Robert Newman "(Re)Imaging the Grotesque: Francis Bacon’s Crucifixion Triptychs," The Image in Dispute:Art and Cinema in the Age of Photography (ed. Dudley Andrew). Austin: UT Press, 1997. • •
April 22. Practicum: Media 100 (ES)
TECHNICAL MASTERY PROJECT #1 DUE (extended Videopticon deadline for GT)
Scene from Macbeth
1988, with Johann Kresnik, Volksbühne Berlin, 1995
Instructor Contact Info:
Ellen Strain,
WK: 404.894.8923 HM: 404.249.9141
Office hours by appointment
Joey Bargsten,
WK: 404.676.5751 HM:
Office hours by appointment
Sherry Strickland, Video TA
Contact for equipment concerns:
• Linda S. Kauffman, Bad Girls and Sick Boys: Fantasties in Contemporary Art and Culture (Berkeley: UC Press, 1998).
All other articles will be in a course reader available through the Engineer’s Bookstore, on Electronic Reserve, or in the IDT Lounge.
Prerequisite Knowledge
Students enrolling in this class are expected to have the following skills:
• competence with an S-VHS or Hi-8 camcorder (preferably their own);
• high-level skills with Adobe Photoshop;
• ability to scan images into digital form using a flatbed scanner.
Course Requirements.
Course Description
Course Organization
Required Reading

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