January 1, 2003
Helnwein and Barks
Helnwein visited Carl Barks in Grants Pass, Oregon, on July 11th, 1992
The Austrian born pop-artist Gottfried Helnwein is well known in Europe for his powerful work in many fields, especially painting and photography. He is also an avid interviewer and author of the book Wer ist Carl Barks? (Who is Carl Barks?).
The meetings

This page introduces some different persons from different walks of life. But still persons with a common denominator. They have all met Carl Barks...
Here are their personal views on the shy, humble and modest man who is often called The greatest Storyteller of the 20th Century. On the plain and extremely kind man who probably never fully understood why he became so popular.
Michael Barrier
Michael Gilbert
Edward Bergen
  NEW Gottfried Helnwein NEW
Mark Evanier
Frank Stajano
Harry W. Fluks
Gerry Tank
John Garvin
William Van Horn
Dan Gheno
... still more to come ...

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