January 1, 2003
Caliifornia State University, University of Wisconsin, Soka University Japan
Helnwein's Official Site - Be sure to read the Texts, especially that of Klaus Honnef.
Artists You Should Know
Dear Habermas - A Justice Site Welcome to this forum for academic discourse. The Dear Habermas community provides sociological and philosophical discussions of peace and justice, the privileging of subjectivity, forgiveness in the interest of good faith public discourse, intertextuality and our role in the creation of texts, and narrative. We need the forums. We need to write for an audience, for in writing and publishing we clarify the intertextual struggles to make our voices heard above the orderly mask of the "administered" academy. The site serves as a journal on postmodern and critical thought, with special focus on Habermas, defender of whatever can be rescued from the broken illusions of the Enlightenment. Perspectives include race, class, gender, and both postmodern and critical theory analyses of institutional and interpersonal relationships.
All are welcome to our site, for inclusion is one of the paths to participation and legitimacy for all. The Site Map should lead you to what you seek.

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