August 4, 2003
get the fuck up
things that keep us going right now: 9 - Gottfried Helnwein.
10 9 - Gottfried Helnwein. 8 - Mt Egypt. 7 - 6 - Illegal Art. 5 - Watching Mr. Show DVD for the 562nd time. 4 - The Fuse. 3 - #3. 2 - Kid America Television Show 1 - 104.7 FM.
Monday, August 4th

GTFU welcomes Wee Man and Laban Pheidias tonight in the Killradio studios. They are making a sequel to their movie American Misfits and want to have our funny. Also, Portland's The Electric Eye are coming in because they are in town and used to live with Farley. Wordemuphomie. GTFU Radio is on every Monday night from 7-10PM California time. To listen click Listen below. Our AIM name is GTFUradio, when that is on it means we are live and direct. Say word.

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