January 1, 2004
Adriana de Barros
Which artists have inspired you?
scene360.com/interview with Carlos Quiterio
Which artists have inspired you? All good artists. There are so many, from different artistic aspects, presentations to concepts. I can say from the renaissance masters to cartoonists. Also, conceptual artists, painters, and contemporary sculptors. Just to name a few references: Klimt, Egon Shiele, Tapiés, Warhol, GOTTFRIED HELNWEIN, Kent Williams, Mattew Currin, Kozik, Matthew Barney, Nicolas de Crécy; Derek Hess, Joao Abel Manta, and more. Music is also important to me. It’s my main source of inspiration while I work. And movies, graphic and multimedia design...and let’s not forget magazine ads, comics...

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