January 3, 2002
kleines helnwein
Thomas Fermentel
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By Thomas Fermentel, Paris
He was called “enfant terrible” by the international press. He studied arts in Argentina and Europe.
Author, director and actor Rodrigo M. Malmsten, 27 years, was born in
Buenos Aires, his first opera “KLEINES HELNWEIN”, which he wrote
and also directed himself, was awarded several prizes. It was inspired by
the works of the painter Gottfried Helnwein; some of Helnwein´s paintings
are shown in the opera by means of visual projections.
Although the main topic of the play is the sexual abuse of children, in a
more general way it deals with all the evils of nowadays societies, such
as racism, nazism, and fascism. These evils are proof for the ability of
human beings to convert into predators.
The play was qualified as “fascinating and repulsive” by the press. This
play and his other works depict Rodrigo M. Malmsten as an individualistic
young artist, with a pessimistic and apocalyptical vision of the world. He
strongly disapproves of the way the government of his country deals with
He thus did not have the possibility to work there any longer, and had to
emigrate to Europe to go on with his work, and now lives in Brussels.

Prize Atahualpa of the Cioppe / 50° anniversary El Galpon Theater, Uruguay for “Kleines Helnwein“
5th International Festival of Poetry « Luys Santa Marina » Cieza, Spain for
poetical anthology: « Y la luz es solo luz en la memoria de la noche »
Prize Trinidad Guevara of the government of the city of Buenos Aires to the
Theatrical work year 2000.
ACE Awards (Asociacion Cronistas del Espectaculo - Entertainment
Journalists Association):
Kleines Helnwein was nominated for three awards :
Male Revelation: Rodrigo M. Malmsten (author and director)
Best actress: Belen Blanco
Best original music: Marcelo Vignolo y Mariano Durand
The ACE went to the best drama actress : Belén Blanco.
Rodrigo M. Malmsten was nominated for The Rolex Mentor Foundation des Arts
Suisse (Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative - mentoring patronage
program that selects young artists in five artistic domains)
Festival International of Theater Grec, Barcelona 2001
III Festival International of Theater Buenos Aires 2001

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