February 14, 2005
from Cornwall, England
Helnwein may be the greatest inspiration in my short life.
Frighteningly realstic and disturbingly astonishing. Helnwein may be the greatest inspiration in my short life. I hope that one day my work and I shall be recognised, yet I do not expect equal greatness to Helnwein! Hopefully, the inspiration I gain from this site alone will help me get those beautiful A's I am working for. The way he has encorporated cartoons into vague scenes and has captured human emotion more clearly than I can even express creates a mood not a lot of people can understand. It's truely amazing how perfect his artwork seems, so acurate. Even the cartoons seem alive! Wounded children is a terribly degrading and depressing subject, and hasn't he captured it well. When you look at a piece of art like that, it is hard to imagine that being on anyones wall, and so you wonder what is the point to all this 'ugly' art? Well, I don't know for sure, but I understand that no art is 'ugly'; it is simply artwork emphasising the things many people turn a blind eye to, because they fear it. No one likes to see innocence destroyed, but we must appreciate the fact that it is happening everywhere today. Helnwein has shocked me, yet helped me realise that even ugly things are beautiful. All we need is a good bucketful of ice-cold water to awaken us to the truth. Visual phenomenons; this is my water.

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