January 1, 2004
the adac newsletter november 2004
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Typed with one finger by Mick Sheldon
"The Child"- Gottfried Helnwein in the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums
The Gottfried Helnwein exhibition in the second floor gallery is extraordinary in it’s utter insistence on a severely restricted palette. This exhibition is blue blue blue. Helnwein has been primarily using a Prussian blue with tints and shades for a couple of decades while showing them at San Francisco’s Modernism Gallery on Market Street. His show called "The Child" takes a look at the uber little girl painted in a somber mood in a curious setting with inferences of a psycho-sexual nature. He’s from that post World War II German-Austrian angst ridden era that is conveyed with sledgehammer suggestions of death and violence. These paintings are photo derived yet gorgeous and so well done you’ll think that you’re witnessing a near miracle.
The books that accompany these exhibitions are a bit pricey but you’ll want to keep looking at them long after.

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