December 6, 2005
South Africa
Manson's Grand Wedding
Some 60 guests, including Lisa Marie Presley, attended the bash at Gottfried Helnwein's Irish Castle.
London - You'd expect Marilyn Manson's wedding to be a headline-grabbing, shock gothic circus of an event. Instead, his wedding to girlfriend Dita Von Teese was a fairytale set in an Irish castle - although he couldn't resist wearing black. Some 60 guests, including Lisa Marie Presley, attended the bash at Castle Gurteen in County Tipperary - home of the Mansons' friend, artist Gottfried Helnwein. Marilyn wore a John Galliano-designed black silk taffeta tux, and Dita a purple taffeta Vivienne Westwood gown with train, petticoats, a tricorn hat and a corset - what else from a burlesque performer?
Contrary to rumours that the pair would exchange blood, they exchanged simple vows they wrote themselves.
Art film director Alejandro Jodorowsky, a friend of Marilyn's, married them in a non-denominational ceremony.
Marilyn had criticised Britney Spears' wedding to Kevin Federline for its tracksuits, saying a wedding should be "grand".
A guest at his event told People magazine: "Everyone expected Manson and Dita to have some sort of crazy vampire wedding, but anyone who knows the couple knew it would be the classy, stylish affair that it was.
"They are totally in love."
Marilyn (real name Brian Warner) and Dita (real name Heather Sweet) met on Marilyn's birthday in 2001 and have been engaged for a year - all very traditional.
But Heather Warner just doesn't have that showbiz ring about it, does it?
Marilyn Manson and The Golden Age
2003, studio Los Angeles

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