December 6, 2005
Perous Secret Diary, Dec 02 - Dec 06, 2005
Perous Secret Diary - Keep Out
manson and ditas wedding
bought a bow tie and a dress shirt at heathrow: a bit of last minute shopping for a black tie occasion. flew to shannon, in ireland and landed in heavy rain. picked up a disgusting light blue nissan primera from the rental desk. the woman behind the counter said, 'the car we are giving you is brand new'. i thought to reply, 'thankyou i will enjoy thrashing it into submission'. waiting outside the castle were papanazis and a few fans braving the cold (tipperary FM had given them the tip) but all were kept away by heavy security at one end of a long, torchlit drive. there was a lone (bag)piper playing outside to welcome us. helnwein's castle is amazing: tastefully decorated with antiques and pieces of his work on walls mixed with old masters' paintings. the castle had been dressed with dark red roses everywhere.
Home and studio
Perous Secret Diary - Keep Out: December 02, 2005
i'm wedding photography phobic. only now me and mrs.perou gotta work out what to give them as a wedding present. we are both going...ur...sometime soon? i'm not sure how much i can write about their wedding. ie. the when, where, who, how etc... i normally put my big mouthed foot in 'it' and get myself in trouble writing about what i should not. there might be some gaps in my next few days' diary. perhaps i can mention, that on our wedding invitation it says we can park our helicopter (by prior arrangement) on the lawns of where we are going... i've been sure to let our pilot know. helicopters are congestion charge exempt...but you still might get a ticket for going in a bus lane.
now, sadly for the sake of a good story, and my memory later in life, the details of the evening have to take a break. american vogue exclusively covered the wedding and i can't write about it here. i can say alexandro jodorowsky was the 'minister' at the ceremony/vows exchange and he was dressed in white (like this). it feels weird to be on a non-disclosure moment but i can totally respect someone's wishes to keep something private. i'll get into it some other time, perhaps. none of the 50 guests flew in by helicopter. madonna and the osbournes were not there as the irish newspaper wrote which started it's story 'madman manson marries his stripper'.
it was a classy affair though... me and mrs.perou had a very happy time with old friends and new. stayed at the castle till 2am, drunk on champagne and jolly. bused back to kilshane house, very tired.
Perous Secret Diary - Keep Out: December 04, 2005
slept in at kilshane house. woke to a view of horses and green fields streching for as far as we could see. ate a full irish breakfast excluding the white and black puddings. the bus came again and took us back to helnwein's castle for some castle-esque activities. had a hot and welcome irish stew for lunch. then some more stuff happened that i can't really get into. boring aren't i? ended the evening a little drunk on champagne again after another happy day.
Perous Secret Diary - Keep Out: December 05, 2005
chocolate jelly stars. drove the nasty nissan back to shannon. stopping for my new favourite biscuits on the way. yes i'm not just boring, but i'm classy too.
Perous Secret Diary - Keep Out: December 06, 2005
marilyn manson fans: i know a few come here... got up at 4am and decided to do a supermarket shop, as mrs. hubbard's cupboard was bare and as i couldn't sleep (i was hungry). i was the only customer in leytonstone tescos and 'enjoyed' some serious flashbacks to when i used to work nights in sainsburys (all through college). resisted to urge to dress some shelves. bought lots of strongbow which is currently on offer: 24 cans for £11.99: bargain as much as i enjoyed drinking champagne all weekend, i would have been happy drinking cider: i'm a cheap date. on the way back to the factory, realised things were not as they should be, listening to the car stereo, when i started crying to 'hold me now' by 'the thompson twins'. back-posted up a few days of diary, trying to be as unspecific about the wedding this weeknd past, as possible. did post up a picture of my place at dinner from saturday (the wedding night) then removed it after having my diary entry immediately linked to on manson's fansite:
strangeness. happened on an interview with alexandro which amused me.
read that here (link) also this news 'article' from the belfast telegraph, which is almost pure fiction and possibly the most inaccurate invention of reality i've seen. getting back to the 'real' world, retouched the FHM story we shot in tokyo with tom (frances almost brother-in-law). and continued to get tired and grumpy. tomorrow we meet with a compensation surveyor re: the value of the perou factory.
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