May 5, 2006
Malte Alexander
Helnwein portrait on TV
About two days ago I saw the Gottfried Helnwein portrait on TV, and though it was roughly 45 minutes only, it showed much of what I expected before... The best aspect about this film was the portrayal of his intention, which eventually led to the moment where my mother understood that he shows what others look away from or ignore, but not what he himself thinks to be "beautiful" in the sense of perfection or what he personally adores. Another thing: a quote. "Ich habe meine Nase in alles reingesteckt, wie eine Wildsau." He said something like this, referring to the differend media he used and uses. Me and my girlfriend were laughing, and we believed what he said.
The scenes showing him at work on his immense pictures and the techniques he used were simply amazing and left the effect of an increased amazement.
Anyway, this portrait encouraged me to follow the path I've chosen. It affirmed my attitude towards the learning process: School isn't everything, (school)- books may be interesting and valuable, but there are other things. life, truth.
The things the people do not see still exist, even if they remain unnoticed. I like the idea of an artist being or becoming the mirror of his days, the chronologist of a life spent. The Helnwein portrait was shown on the occasion of his exhibition in the Lentos museum of art in Linz, Austria.
Without having visited it yet, I do highly recommend you to do so. I myself will take the opportunity in two weeks.
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