June 14, 2006
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Can we say gasp? What this man does with oil and acrylics on canvas is INSANE. So beautiful!
He just crashed very high into my favorite painters ever list. So impressive, check out the rest of his work here. ::update:: Well maybe you're better off NOT to check it, at least not the stuff before 2005. The 2005 stuff I LOVE. But the stuff before that, maybe a matter of taste, but I just discovered he also made really sick disturbing stuff that's just sick sick sick that I think is just so disturbing I don't even want to link it here (it's at his watercolors section "the intrusion", most specifically, well most of that page in general actually.). Why!? Whyyy? How can that be!
Gives the really good ones later on a nasty aftertaste as well. Way to go to ruin it.
Maybe I'm just paranoid but that just doesn't feel right. Makes you go all phsychologically paranoid. WHY does he paint that? Did he have to deal with abuse or something? His own sick fantasies? Just a comment on society and how fucked up it can be? Bah. I don't know weither to be afraid of him or feel sorry for him or salute his on his realistic mirror on the world wakeup call or something of how fucked up the world is as well. Personal preference maybe, maybe I don't want to be woken up all the time to that. He has got is technique down at least. But why use that technique on THAT. It's disturbing. It seems to be mostly his old work, so maybe he had to get it out of his system or something.
I'm impressed by his technique nonetheless. But artists can be well... different.
Helnwein used to go to the art school where I teach now. :-)
-- mekka
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I guess the intention is precisely to upset people. Creating great psychological contrasts in photorealistic detail. Exactly a good technique to use on that!
As he himself states in an interview:
"I am aware that individuals on this planet are badly abused and maltreated, that they are deeply injured and suppressed, and that it is all covered up with optimistic propaganda. A long time before I began painting, I had the impression that mankind is in a bad state, that nobody lives without pain even if this is repressed, and that there is evidently a longing to overcome this and to rise above it. Especially my early pictures deal with these concerns and hold them up to the viewer."

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