June 21, 2006
友達以上恋人未満 (lau)
@ 2006-06-21 15:32:00
this work is a video art reinterpretation of the painting 'I Walk Alone' by Gottfried Helnwein.
original painting and more information by clicking above.
{i am a madwoman right now. soon enough i'll burn out/fade away.} {& yes, this was a school assignment, so kill me.}
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2006-06-21 05:36 am UTC (link)
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2006-06-21 07:17 am UTC (link)
love this
how long did it take you to do this though
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2006-06-21 01:31 pm UTC (link)
i shot it in about two hours, and total editing, maybe two as well? not include a few hours of rendering. ;)
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2006-06-21 11:27 am UTC (link)
I love the way this is shot. I like the changing focus.
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2006-06-21 01:30 pm UTC (link)
thanks, i hope it comes across that i intentionally blurred it and not that i don't know how to focus. ;>
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2006-06-21 08:02 pm UTC (link)
Yes, it does! I was struck by how professional the whole thing is. At no time while watching it did I think 'I am watching an amatuer film' except at the moment that I thought 'this does not at all look like an amatuer film.' If that makes sense.
You have chops!
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2006-06-21 01:31 pm UTC (link)
Wow! Thats very inspirational!! What did you shoot it on? It looks so lush!
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2006-06-21 03:06 pm UTC (link)
amazing. amazing.
(i love the intentional blur & the way it mimics the painting)
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2006-06-21 04:07 pm UTC (link)
production value!
this is really cool.
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2006-06-21 05:02 pm UTC (link)
But that girl is kind of a klutz...
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