September 19, 2006
Ok, i'll expose my secret life.
I love looking at pictures of dead people, hence, in love with Gottfried Helnwein - the most talented photographer on earth...being able to capture and potrait the stories of the dead.And the fact that he's Marilyn Manson's best friend...
I love Marilyn Manson, regardless of what people said about him.he's weird, but isn't being sadistic sexy?...also remember that if i can't like him, i'll admire his wife...she's hot too...Dita Von Teese.
I am a bitch.every girl is a's just whether you admit it or me, being able to admit it first requires you to accept the fact that you are a bitch.what?'ve never bad-mouth ANYONE?'ve never hate ANYONE that you wish he (referring to both sexes, if you don't know the word "he" can be used this way)...deserves to die?you've never wish that the girl wearing the blady-almost-not-there skirt trip at the staircase and put on a show, flashing her oh-so-fat-arse?COME ON!...we are all born bitches...not sluts.
I am very straight forward.tell me more than 2 lame jokes a day,and you'll receive the ever expressionless look from me,my eyes potraying the msg: "are you mentally healthy?"
I am not afraid of ghosts/ spirits/ souls.not even if they're thai.Never have and never will.why?...because they should be scared of me.hoho.and i really think korean and english ghost movies suck big time.1st of's a ghost with an axe on the head or worm-popping eyes scary?2nd, korean ghost movies, have horrible minute they are talking bout 2006...suddenly 1890...then back to don't even know what is happening...and the lady next to me keeps screaming everytime the long hair or pale looking kid appears...and everytime she screams, i feel as though my life shortened by 2 years...
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