November 7, 2006
Category: Art and Photography
Kentucky, US
holy motherfucking hell
gottfried helnwein is really amazing the shit out of me right now. I mean who else can manage to be grotesque and still classy and inspiring? i mean this is the first stranger/artist that really wants to make me sit down and pick his brains and fall in love with his ingenuity. everything about his art is incredible, right down to the titles. i mean you really have to see this
i certainly have a thirst for art right now, that thirst that comes and goes. and this sort of reiterates my last entry...but when you have the ability to make art, just looking at other artists work isn't going to help quench that thirst. you have to make it too. and i'm finding it hard right now, to make something to really satisfy that. so i just look at other peoples' art and wish.
i don't know. no, i know what it is. i want to make something that will go on a wall and will mesmerize someone. i've had so many encounters with artworks that I didn't even know what i was feeling when i looked at them, i couldn't even begin to understand what it was supposed to be communicating, but it amazed me. it's just like, food for that part of your brain that needs and thrives on aesthetical pleasures. i want to make that food. even if just once. i want to be remembered like that, not even me, just the things i make.

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