February 9, 2011
a new chapter in the life o fme
California, United States
Gottfried Helnwein~Artist
These pieces of art are large and alarming! A good artist makes the viewer "feel" their works, and this artist 100% succeeds at doing this. We all walked out of this room feeling like we've been hit by a truck and the enjoyment was sucked right out of us. We ended up leaving the museum pretty much right after viewing these painting. One right after the other was so disturbing and dark and lifelike. The paintings were mostly of little girls, soldiers, guns, blood, Micky Mouse and Donald Duck in very dark backgrounds. The eyes of these girls were so real! You saw the soul was ripped away from these girls, dead inside.
At first you see a painting with a little girl laying on a small bed in her white night gown, and she is pale with lifeless eyes looking at appears that something horrible has happened to this little girl. The next painting is similar, but she is standing next to her bed, same look on her face, same feeling you got from the first one. Go further in, and there is a little girl laying in a pool of blood from the head...they just go on and on...Australian soldiers pointing a gun at Donald Duck, going through the town, a child with his head/eyes wrapped in guaze pointing a gun at another childs head. All of these were truly a work of art and so very well done. They took you where the artist wanted you to go and I will never forget what I have saw!

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