January 1, 2002
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from 1998 to 2001
Irish Times Article - Poems come out of hiding
Patrick Kavanagh, never a prolific poet, did not receive the high regard he deserved during his lifetime, but is today regarded as a major figure whose influence on contemporary Irish poets such as Seamus ...
matched words: helnwein published: 28/06/2001
Irish Times Article - The art of corruption, the corruption of art
You might have read in the paper the other day that a row over plans to display large-scale works with Nazi images in Kilkenny during the city's arts festival has been resolved. ...
matched words: helnwein published: 06/08/2001
Irish Times Article - Colourful parade a highlight of Kilkenny arts festival
Oliver Cromwell and the Roundheads laid siege to Kilkenny in the 17th century. Last year locals thought they were under siege again when the Government threatened to take away their city status. ...
matched words: helnwein published: 08/08/2001
Irish Times Article - Brass neck in the world of arts
Kilkenny Arts Festival's Maureen Kennelly brings a business sensibility honed in the tough world of telesales to her role as director of one of the State's major annual arts events, writes Chris Dooley ...
matched words: helnwein published: 10/08/2001
Irish Times Article - Over 300 performers bring art to Kilkenny
Provocative- and -outlandishly colourful- are not words you would normally associate with the Kilkenny Arts Festival. ...
matched words: helnwein published: 11/08/2001
Irish Times Article - Feast of a festival
Any arts festival is a celebration of performance; it's also a showcase. It's about community, it's about sharing, it's about informing, engaging. There's an element of showing off, a ...
matched words: helnwein published: 17/08/2001
Irish Times Article - Kilkenny accent on the visual
Citizens of the People's Republic of Cork may be delighted to hear that their oft-mocked accent received high praise at the Kilkenny Arts Festival. -Musical- is how Elizabeth Whittam described Cork actor ...
matched words: helnwein published: 18/08/2001

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